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Comfortable Wool Bedding in Duncan

At Neufeld Furniture, we offer superior-quality mattresses, duvets, overlays and more. Our SnugSleep wool bedding in Duncan offers you more comfort and improves the quality of your sleep. Our washable wool mattress pad helps maintain a comfortable sleep environment. You can also rely on us to offer customized latex gold mattresses. Speak to a member of our team now to know more about our services and products.  

Wool Duvet


A good quality duvet should:


Provide good insulation
Be lightweight, comfortable and contouring
Readily absorb the moisture vapour given off by the body while asleep
Be non allergenic and free of petrochemical products

Wool meets this criteria. The wool fill should be resilient and light in weight.  A flat, heavy wool duvet indicates poor quality wool that will not insulate well.  The cover should be soft, breathable and allow the wool fill to contour to the sleeper’s position.  If the cover is stiff, rustles or is hard to breathe through, it means the cover is probably down-proof cotton which greatly reduces wool’s moisture controlling benefits.


The SnugSleep Advantage:  our duvets at Neufeld Furniture And Wood Worksare are filled with hi bulk 100% British wool specially selected to provide optimum loft and insulation.  Our specialized carding process increases the loft and resilience of the wool batts further before they are quilted into soft, breathable percale cotton.  Under a SnugSleep wool duvet the temperature is “just right”, ensuring maximum sleeping comfort.

Premium SnugSleep

Wool Duvets

Visit our Showroom and see and feel the quality of our Wool Duvets

Queen Duvet

Size 89" x 90"

Price $184


King Duvet

Size 106" X 90"

Price $236


Washable Wool Duvets

We offer comfortable and quality wool duvets. We use hi-bulk premium British wool to ensure our duvets have maximum loft and insulation. The cover of these duvets are manufactured by using superior-quality, soft, drapable percale cotton and specialized carding processes. Our duvets are perfect for warm weather and are easy to wash and maintain. We offer classic and washable duvets in varying weights and sizes to meet your specific requirements.

Wool Mattress Pads

Wool Mattress pads will prevent moisture build-up and can prolong the life of your mattress. Our wool mattress pads will ensure that your bed is comfortable and cozy throughout the year. Our affordable wool mattress pads are manufactured using 100% pure British superwash wool and breathable cotton coverings. They are naturally flame resistant and offer super insulation. Our wool beddings are antimicrobial and dust mite resistant. They are washable and do not have any fresheners or sanitizers added to their wool.

SnugSleep Superwash Wool Mattress Pads will:

Eliminate destructive moisture build-up in the mattress
Prolong the life and comfort of the mattress
Ensure a dry, relaxing sleeping environment
Provide joint cushioning and a reduction in compression
Provide an environment inhospitable to dust mites

Queen Pad

Price $192


King Pad

Price $242


Quality Wool Duvets and More

We offer high-quality natural latex mattresses and comfortable wool duvets. 

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